I’ve been an actress for 30 years now. After an experience in cinema, theatre and television, I’ve been working in dubbing for 25 years ; this enables me through a great and rich variety of characters to reach a huge pan of emotions.

I’m perfectly fluent, as I’ve lived in Australia where I was a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and worked on the american accent with Claire Growthey, Nicole Kidman’s coach.

I keep working in different workshops with casting directors and film makers both in English and in French.

Among my most important characters, I’ve dubbed :

-Rose Byrnes in her films and serials amongst « Damages » (Elen Parsons)

-Emily VanCamp in her films and serials amongst « Revenge » (Emily Thorne, Amanda Clarke)

-Michèle Trachtenberg in several serials , amongst which « Gossip Girl » (Georgina Sparks,) and « Mercy hospital » (Chloé Payne)

At the moment I’m working on « YR » (Abby Newman) ; « Bold » (Steffy Forrester), « the Power Puff Girls » (Bubbles) and « Ben 10 » (Gwendolyne Tennyson).

My job is to defend values which are important to me, through all sorts of characters. This enables me to live thousands of lives in one and above all to bring and communicate energy, pleasure and joy to the public.



Cours Simon 1st prize (2 years)
Cours Charpentier Art’s Studio : Luc Charpentier (32 years)
Workshop International school PARALLAXE –Brussels with Didier Gesquière
Workshop in English – Jack Waltzer (Actor’s studio New York )
Work with Claire Growthey (Nicole Kdman’s coach) in Australia for the genam accent and transcontinental accent.
Workshop 55 prod –(July 2015)
Workshop CM acting with Elise Mc Leod : acting in English (September 2015)


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